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Roller shades are a favorite among window coverings. We've updated the classic simplicity of these quality shades with streamlined operating mechanisms, new fashion fabrics and decorative accents to enhance your environment with comfort, beauty and energy-saving value.

decorative, screens, solids, naturals, & blackout fabrics

comfort, beauty and energy-saving value

residential and commercial applications

FR, GREENGUARD and Oeko-Tex available

cordless, clutch control and motorized

coordinating cassettes and fascias

limited lifetime warranty

Standard Clutch

standard clutch

Our Standard Clutch system utilizes a continuous chain mechanism for easy control that locks the shade at the desired height. The Standard Clutch requires less pull force to lift heavy shades and ensures smooth, trouble-free operation.



A semi-automated option with an adjustable rate of speed, the Cordless system raises or lowers the shade to the desired height with a slight tug on the bottom rail. Cordless operation offers enhanced child safety.



Motorization Is the ultimate automated and cordless option to control the operation of window blinds or shades. Our motorization system allows an operator to conveniently close or open all shades at the same time or individual shades separately, all with a touch of a button. In addition, motorized window coverings offer enhanced child and pet safety (no more cables or strings that get tangled up or present a danger!).

Ascent with PowerWand Technology

ascent with PowerWand technology

PowerWand is a battery operated, motorized system that has easy installation and operation. PowerWand’s touch button control is a cord free design for child and pet safety.


Roller Shades Cassette

Cassettes featuring a matching fabric of the same material to coordinate with your shade lends a finished look and feel on the windows.

Available in three sizes: 80, 100, & 120


Roller Shades Fascias

Adding a streamlined Fascia to your Roller Shade creates a sleek, modern line that hides the operating mechanism of the shade.

The square fascia is offered in Medium, Large and 5" sizes.

Medium and Large colors: white, vanilla, bronze, black and silver. 5" not available in silver.

Roller Shades Bottomrails
A plain or fabric wrapped bottomrail finishes the roller shade for a clean appearance. Clear or color coordinating end caps are available.

Available in polar white, off white, desert tan, bamboo stalk, gray, black, bronze, & silver.