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FA Folding Arm Collection

The Turnils (Hunter Douglas Scandinavia) Folding Arm or Terrace Awning has been completely redesigned:

Cleaner and more detailed finish.

Modular and flexible.

European wind classification according to EN 13651.

More options:

  • Cross over-arms for narrow awnings
  • Roll-down Valance
  • Fabric beam for angled projection
  • Pitch control for variable pitch

Dyneema tape over the elbow joints makes it stronger and more compact.

Dyneema Information Guide


FA20 terrace awning

The FA20 series of awnings is specially developed for the small terrace or balcony while still possessing all of the attributes that have characterized the Turnils awnings through the years.

This awning is built with a high quality standard that will provide tremendous longevity. The new design of the awning arms, together with Dyneema connections over the elbow joints, produces a fabric tension that is out of the ordinary.

Two end brackets designs are available – standard and or one with a more decorative finish.

FA20 Component Book


FA40 terrace awning

The FA40 Series is our main terrace awning system. This awning replaces the Ibiza system with a more dynamic and technologically advanced version using Dyneema over the elbow.

The FA40 is a versatile product range that satisfies the majority of patio shade requirements characterized by a modern design and high quality standards.

This is the awning system that you will require to offer all of our options including a valance system, cross over arms, fabric beam and semi-cassette.

Two end brackets designs are available – standard and or one with a more decorative finish.

The FA46 is the version with the fabric beam. The arm is manufactured with the angle at the elbow joint pointing in the other direction compared with a standard arm. This results in a bent projection of the fabric making it an awning with good clearance under the inner part of the arm (allowing space for e.g. doors etc) but still offers a good shading performance.

A roller valance is offered as an option for several of the FA40 series awnings. It holds approximately 2,4m screen fabric and is manually operated by crank handle. This is an option on the following models: Nordic Light FA44 / Nordic Light FA45 / Nordic Light FA48

Nordic Light FA48 is a Semi Cassette version of the 40 series awning. This will have the same actual cassette profiles and look as Ibiza of today. There will however be some changes to the cassette holders and a new front profile will tie the product together with the rest of the 40-series design wise.

The FA45 is an awning with cross over arms making it possible to offer a narrow awning with large projection compared to the width. This is done by changing one of the standard arm brackets to a Cross Over kit. This kit is an extended arm bracket and an extension for the front fitting. This can be fitted either on the left or the right side arm depending on where it is most suitable.

New Wall bracket:

  • No visible screw heads from installation bolts from beneath
  • Due to its unique design it will clamp on all four sides of the square tube resulting in a firmer installation

Modularized Arms:

  • Makes it possible to attach the rear arm bracket needed for desired function
  • Standard Arm Bracket
  • Pitch Control Arm bracket
  • Cross Over Kit

FA40 Component Book


FA60 terrace awning

The FA60 series terrace awning is an extremely attractive full-cassette awning that gives a stylish impression and is ideally suited for terraces, balconies, shops, kiosks and restaurants.

The FA60 is characterized by a designer full cassette which protects the fabric and mechanism against rain and dirt. The sturdy folding arms with Dyneema connections and strong springs guarantee excellent fabric tension.

No changes have been made to the Drop Arm Awning.

FA60 Component Book

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FA92 Folding Arm Awning

FA92 Duo is freestanding awning, designed for open spaces in villas, preschools, cafes and restaurants. The awning easily creates a shaded area away from structures.

The awning installs direct on the ground with the base for the frame. The awning can also be installed with weights that are used together with a base plate.

FA90 Component Book

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